The Association of Kent Veteran Golfers

Minutes of the AGM held on Friday 14th October 2016 at the West Kent G.C.


The meeting was opened by Jim Silvester Vice President who welcomed all present. He explained to the meeting that Desmond had now stood down as President due to ill health. Jim then asked for the meeting to stand for a minute’s silence in honour of Glyn Thomas who passed away following a fall. He then thanked the members who attend Glyn’s funeral on Friday 7th October.

The meeting was then informed that Clark Button was also standing down as membership secretary again through ill health.

The meeting was then handed over to the Secretary Dave Parker who thanked the members who remained (34) for the AGM.

Item 4 Apologies for abstance have been received from the following Reg Greenwood, Clark Button and Ian Fright.

Item 5 Copies of last year’s AGM had been circulated around the tables and Dave Parker asked if all had seen a copy. It was agreed and passed by the meeting that these are correct and no matters arose from them.

Item 6 Dave then explained that in future all minutes from meetings would be posted on the AKVG web site.

He also will not be reading out the year’s winners as these are entered on to the web site the same day as the competition.

A copy of the 2017 fixtures had also been printed and again a copy had been placed on tables (note the date for Sweetwood was incorrect and should read the 24th). Again, a copy with the cost for the day will be placed on the web site. Dave then asked that all reps ensured members new about the web site. It was pointed out that we have 3 new venues for 2017 and these are Ashford, Sweetwood which will be a 12.30 start and Chestfield.

Item 6 At this point Clark Button was due to give us an update on our membership numbers but due to him having to attend hospital he was going to send me the report to read out but it has not arrived. We still have a healthy membership. It is a disappointment the we still have clubs that do not have members playing, I will be sending an e mail to the reps of the clubs we don’t see to encourage their members to play.

Item 7 The meeting was then handed over to Jim Silvester to give us a brief outline to this year’s Devon match and the 2017 trip to the West Country.

This year’s match was a fine win for the AKVG which we hope to maintain in 2017. This brought Jim on to tell the meeting of the dates for the 2017 tour and he asked if anyone was interested to play should contact him. He will be sending out an email nearer the time. It is hoped that we have a match with Cornwall and we would try and get a hotel nearer the course.

Item 8 The treasurers report was now given by Martyn Dines again a copy has been circulated. A copy of the report and accounts which was read out and agreed by the members present this will be placed on the web site.

A question was raised by a member re the amount held in reserve. This was answered by Martyn and he’s reply will be attached to these minutes and again a copy on the web site.

This appeared to answer the item raised but it was felt that £4000 was an adequate figure to carry forward and we should consider reducing the carried forward figure and give more to charities.

Item 9 It now came to electing members of the committee and officers of the AKVG. It was suggested that we make Desmond Baker Life President this was agreed by all present.

The following agreed to stand again as officers of the AKVG for a further year.

Jim Silvester-Vice President, Dave Parker – Secretary, Martyn Dines- Treasurer, Eddie Ruff- Captain

Bill Piper captain 2016 now handed Eddie the chain of office and Eddie thanked Bill for a “cracking year” and the jackets would be a hard act to follow. At this point Eddie introduced he’s vice-captain for 2017 this is Nigel Courtney Westerham G.C.

With Clark resigning as membership secretary Dave Parker introduced Peter Johnson as the new membership secretary. The meeting was asked to approve this “volunteer”. It was agreed by all present.

Next came the election of the committee for the next 2 years. The following members have agreed to stand.

Reg Greenwood-Bearsted G.C., Bob Coles – High Elms G.C.-Peter Westerman-Woodlands Manor G.C.

Ian Fright- Princes G.C., Bill Piper-Wrotham Heath G.C. Barry Martyn IT -Wrotham Heath G.C.

Bert Bowen will be standing down and was thanked for all he’s help over the past 3years on the committee.

A vote of thanks was given by Jim Silvester to Clark Button for all he’s hard work over the years as membership secretary.

With no further business, the meeting was declared closed.