The Association of Kent Veteran Golfers

Minutes of the AGM held on Friday 13th October 2017 at the West Kent G.C.


The meeting was opened by Jim Silvester who welcomed everyone present to the 22nd AGM. Jim explained that we had lost 2 founder members this year. Desmond Baker & Dick Brook who will both be remembered for all their hard work.

The meeting was then handed over to the Secretary Dave Parker who thanked all the members who remained (40) for the AGM.

Item 3 Apologies for abstance have been received from Reg Greenwood.

Item 4/5 Copies of last year’s AGM had been circulated around the tables and Dave Parker asked if all had seen a copy he also informed the meeting that copies of the AGM will be published on the AKG web site. It was agreed and passed by the meeting that these are correct and no matters arose from them.

Item 6 Dave Parker gave a brief outline as to how the Player of the year was conducted and the meeting was informed that the match played today will count towards the 2018 result. All single games will count towards the final score. On the 2018 fixture card qualifying games are marked with a Q.

A copy of the fixtures for 2018 was circulated and the meeting was told that we are trying some new clubs for 2018.Sweetwoods will be a morning tee off. The 2018 John bailey trophy and AGM will be held at the Weald of Kent golf course. The 2018 list has been prepared by Bill Piper who has fought hard with clubs to keep the costs to members down. Nigel Courtney will prepare the 2019 list.

Item 6(d) Peter Johnson the membership secretary thanked all the club reps and for Clark Button for making he’s job easier. He then went on to tell the meeting that we had 39 clubs affiliated to the AKVG with a membership of 840 this was 60 down on the 2016 membership. He gave us a brief run down on what club in 2016 produced the most players this was Sunridge Pk and for 2017 this club was Whitstable & Seasalter with Birchwood and Woodlands coming joint second.

The meeting was then handed over to Jim Silvester to give us a brief outline to this year’s Devon and Cornwall matches and the 2018 trip by Devon & Cornish teams to Kent. This year saw the Kent team draw with Devon and as we held the trophy from 2016 we therefore retained it. And the game against Cornwall was also drawn and again as we held the Shield from 2016 we came away with the prize.

This year’s match was the first time a Kent team played both counties and came away with the trophies. Jim then informed us that as well as Devon, Cornwall have decided to come to Kent and this brought Jim on to tell the meeting of the dates for the 2018 tour and these are Devon 4th July and Cornwall the 25th July and he asked if anyone was interested to play should contact him. He will be sending out an email nearer the time.

Item 6(e)Slow play was brought up at the meeting as this was a growing concern amongst both members and the committee. One of the suggested ideas was to employ course marshals to ensure players do not get to far behind the players in front. If a team gets 11/2 holes behind, then the marshal will ask them to forfeit the next hole so that they may catch up with the match in front. We must stop the 5hr+ rounds. This idea appeared to have the backing of the members present. To the main account

Item7 the treasurer Martyn Dines now gave he’s report. Copies have been circulated but again the final account will be on the Web Site. Martyn asked if any present had any questions and none was raised. He informed us the the donation to the air ambulance will be £3000 for 2018 and a further £1000 to the captains’ charity. He gave a brief explanation of the accounts, he informed us that the accounts are a £1000 less than 2016. The competition account shows a profit, and this was due to the large numbers at Littlestone. It was decided to transfer £1000 from the competition account so that we can subsidize a fixture in the 2019 list. The accounts were passed and seconded by the meeting.

Item 8 It now came to electing members of the committee and officers of the AKVG. It was suggested that we make Jim Silvester President and Ian Fright as Vice President this was agreed by all present.

The following agreed to stand again as officers of the AKVG for a further year.

Jim Silvester President, Ian Fright- Vice President, Dave Parker – Secretary, Martyn Dines- Treasurer, Peter Johnson-Membership. Next came the election of the committee for the next year. The following members have agreed to stand.

Reg Greenwood-Bearsted G.C., Bob Coles – High Elms G.C.-Peter Westerman-Woodlands Manor G.C.

Eddie Ruff-Chestfield G.C, Bill Piper-Wrotham Heath G.C. Barry Martyn IT -Wrotham Heath G.C.

The meeting approved all names.

Eddie Ruff captain 2017 now handed Nigel the chain of office and Eddie thanked both the scorers and the committee for all there help during he’s year, He had not played much this year and thanked he’s vice-captain for stepping in. At this point Nigel introduced Brian Rainer from Kings Hill G.C who will be the vice-captain and Brian gave a brief speech of thanks. Nigel gave us an outline of he’s playing career (which can be found on the captain’s address) on the web site. He explained to the meeting that he would be compiling the fixtures for 2019 and asked if any clubs would like to be considered then please contact him by email (

With no further business, the meeting was declared closed.