The Association of Kent Veteran Golfers

April 23rd                                                              DESMOND BARKER SPRING Trophy - Ashford

May 3rd                                                                   REPRESENTATIVES meeting - Redlibbits

May 18th                                                               GLYN THOMAS Trophy - Chestfield

June 18th                                                               SAGA Trophy - Lydd

July 4th                                                                   Match against DEVON - Bearsted

July 25th or 26th                                                Match against CORNWALL - Westerham

July 16th                                                                 DEREK RUTHVEN Trophy - Sweetwoods Park

August 16th                                                          CAPTAINS PRIZE - Westerham

September 17th                                                    MORRIS Trophy - Faversham

October 8th                                                          JOHN BAILEY Trophy - Weald of Kent
                                                                                   Annual General Meeting

November 6th                                                       EMERTON-COURT Trophy - Princes  (revised fixture)