The Association of Kent Veteran Golfers

March 20th                                                            EMERTON-COURT Trophy Littlestone

April 18th                                                              DESMOND BARKER SPRING Trophy Sittingbourne

May 4th                                                                  REPRESENTATIVES meeting Redlibbetts

May 22nd                                                               GLYN THOMAS Trophy Ashford

June 19th                                                               SAGA Trophy Westerham

July 5th                                                                   Match against DEVON Churston

July 6th                                                                   Match against CORNWALL TBA

July 24th                                                                 DEREK RUTHVEN Trophy Sweetwoods Park

August 18th                                                          CAPTAINS PRIZE Chestfield

September 18th                                                    MORRIS Trophy Faversham

October 13th                                                        JOHN BAILEY Trophy West Kent
                                                                                 Annual General Meeting